October 7th, 2010

BJD eye

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not really sure about joining -  i like looking, but i'm not really into the photomanips very often.

only joined cos there were 2 pics that sparked some ideas and you have to join before you can post.

(since i'm trying to manage my internet usage and not run out - i've uploaded them to my deviantart account and will link)




[i think i like this version the best XD]

(i tried to get the photos to show but i didn't get much luck)
(try them now and see if they work right)

tried uploading the pics again and have taken the mature warnings off the last two at my dA site (incase it don't work again)
so folks can try looking again :(

....i give up - i got no clue how to link the website so taht it shows the pic :(

and i'm running out of bandwidth so i can't really upload the pics (cos that,i know how to do...)