December 20th, 2010

B&W Starsky

macro my Shelley~!

This is my sweet Shelley. She really is sweet, and she's kind of the apple of my eye. I'd love to see some marcos of her. :D Here she is posing / interrupting while I was trying to take a different picture. :D

BTW, if the fur looks funny on one of her legs, it's because she had to go to the vet and get an IV, and they'd shaved her fur. It hadn't completely grown back when I took the picture, although it has now. :)

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darwin map

Got a boy that needs a caption here

Just my adorable boy being adorable again.

My pet has a pet. He commandeered my Bath and Body Works lambie a few years ago, and now he gets a new one every year. It's his comfort object, I guess, because he kneads it whenever he's upset, lonely, or content. And I guess I don't need it, because he's my comfort friend. &hearts

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