Butter Pecan (msbutterpecan) wrote in cat_macros,
Butter Pecan

Long Time Lurker...

Greetings, everyone!

I have lurked here for quite a while because I love kitties but sadly, did not own one. My black cat Cosmic got all bitchy when I got pregnant and hit the roof when we got the black and white kitten, Moo. After treating the little guy quite badly for several weeks, he then started peeing directly on him, so I gave Cosmic to a friend who could pamper him like the Divo that he is.

A few months later, when I went out of town, I asked a friend to keep an eye on Moo...and her young daughter fell madly in love with him. Since I was in the process of moving and Moo was horrified of the new house, after talking with my family, we decided to let them keep him.

So, no kitties.

Two weeks ago, I took my girls out to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant. When we left, this beautiful baby girl was a tiny, flea infested shivering ball of terrifiedness in the parking lot.

I immediately fell in love with her. To me, everything about her is beautiful. A while back, someone posted a link to the $20,000K+ "Ashera" cats and I thought about how much I'd love to have one, then this gorgeous kitty showed up.

We named her "Kirabo" which is African for "gift". I wanted an African name because she just reminded me of those type of exotic cats. We call her "Kira" though, and apparently, that means "Beloved Lady Of The Sun" or some other such.

Anyway, here you go...have fun!

(Also, if I wasn't supposed to write all this, I apologize. I did read the rules and saw nothing regarding posting explanations with blanks behind a cut.)


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