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you can haz blanks

not dial up friendly. not even dial up aquaintance-ly.

sadie is the grey one who does not like to have her picture taken. she's about 20 years old. and has some of the worst breath i've ever encountered, but i still love her.
oblivion is the baby. She's called Bli for short, and she's actually a little over 6 mos. old. She was the runt of her litter and was attacked by a dog as a baby. When I got her she was flea covered and very calm and non hyper for a kitten. One day in my house and one flea bath later, she thinks the sofa is her half-pipe. Just this morning i watched her jump in quick order from the floor, to the seat, to the back, and then launch herself off the back of the sofa.

(bli is given to launching herself into the air. i've tried to catch it on camera, but she's so quick and bouncy, i tend to get stuff like the above picture.)

hopefully i did all the codes correctly and you don't see rubbish or nothing.
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