my_altered_life (my_altered_life) wrote in cat_macros,

Macros? Perhaps.

Soooo, ever in the spirit of cat macro-hood, I present to you a minorly-offensive macro! And no, I'm not a macro-ist, I do like icanhascheezburger. I figured it'd be a change for all the people out there that enjoy the occasional offensive macro, and less of the LOLspeak cats. I'll probably get semi-hazed for it, but meh. 

Accompanying it is a picture of my cat, macro'ed and blanks. Use the blanks at your discretion. If mine sucks and you think you can do better, thats fine too. BTW: Link got under the baby gate on his own, we didn't stage that. He was, however, trapped long enough for us to get a picture before we freed him. 

And the blanks:

Tags: blanks
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