Sew Eccentric (seweccentric) wrote in cat_macros,
Sew Eccentric

No, really...

I have nothing better to do than follow my kitten around and take pictures.  I lost my voice Thursday, so it's like therapy, really.

They may not make you fall out of your chair laughing, but I think they're kinda cute. 

This was taken today - she kept popping her head up by laptop.

I made this yesterday - for a friend's birthday.  My own birthday was a couple weeks ago, so I just piled all the gift bags on the table and we played photo-shoot like all the hot models.

This was for my friend who wasn't feeling well last week -
Could also go with some kind of fart-joke, no?

The models are:  Josie (white kitten) and Samson (black cantankerous fat-ass)
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