Dumbos Mommy (babymine) wrote in cat_macros,
Dumbos Mommy

Thank you for the laughs Cat_Macros

I snapped some photos of Macro going after her sister Runt today, (Runt has the white patch on her nose and is nowhere near as soft as Macro..) then going after the bird too.. So I give you macro presents..

The story behind the last one is that Macro jumped down and was sitting next to this Thomas Train, like she wanted the fuck out of town.. And I laughed because I hate that series, I hate the trains, I disklike that the lil kid who plays with them loves them so much. He runs around the house with drool for these stupid things. OH the macros You could make if I took photos of that kid with these trains. Head on the ground listening for China and Ass in the air waiting for something better.. The trains...They do not belong to me. They do not belong to my kids. I just loath Thomas the Train. So either Macro was going to destroy them, or use them for some evil plan. She tore them apart after I took the photo. Kid Cried, I giggled, and Macro jumped on the bird cage for safety.
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