Dumbos Mommy (babymine) wrote in cat_macros,
Dumbos Mommy

Thank You Cat Macros

I just wanted to let everyone know that I thank you all for the funny captions you have given me.. While I was in the hospital my kitty Lexi, the old lady in the house, passed away. She just passed away under my desk all curled up where my feet would normally be. I tried to go back and find original photos .. but busy community makes that hard.


There are more of her, Macro and the other cats on the flickr and I suppose I should take more photos of them.. You never really know when your going to not get the chance to tell them once again that they make you purr. This one makes me happy, she was fed like that often, at the table and with us. She earned that passage out of old age.

So thank you.. it makes the sting a bit less to know I have funny photos of her, and if it wasn't for this community I probably would not have taken so many photos of the cats.
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