Michelle (misha__chan) wrote in cat_macros,

Macro my cat?

Hi guys, long time lurker, I lack creativity so I haven't tried macroing any cats myself. Hopefully I've weeded out the pics I have that are purely "lookit my kitty!" and kept to the legitimately funny ones (like dressing him up as an ewok XD).

I present to you my tuxedo, Mewsashi Meowmoto (e-cookies if you know who he's named after ^_^ )

Pictures are in thumbnail form as I always forget to resize them before uploading to photobucket. Also, my camera (which is dead now, thanks to the cat knocking it off the counter) sucked, so the pictures aren't particularly great anyways, but they're something!

I hope at least some of these are macro-able! And thanks in advance. ^_^
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