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I come bearing blanks

I've yet to make a single macro, but maybe you'll like some of these blanks. All of them are my kitties, some of the pictures are not good quality because they were taken with the camera phone. I now intend to buy a phone with a better camera in it, because I always have my phone handy and never my actual camera.

This is my twelve year old girl Mogley. I'm not the one who named her and therefore can't be held responsible for the spelling of her name. She was taken from her previous owner and brought into the animal shelter because she'd been extremely neglected, they had to shave off all of her fur. She's now been living here for a month and already rules the roost.

Joepie is my oldest, he's 17 years old now and has been with me for three years. There's a cat-it drinking fountain in the kitchen not 10 meters from where he's sitting, but obviously rainwater from a dirty ashtray tastes ever so much better.

Pietje arrived shortly after Joepie, he just walked in every night for a month and after I managed to get close enough to him to pet him, he decided to stay.

He, too, thinks a bucket filled with dirty rainwater is the top of the bill when it comes to drinks.

And this is my youngest, Suusje. Her previous owners dumped her on the street, barely a year old, because their child had become allergic...

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