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Need help marco'ing

ok guys...
This kitteh is Sam. Sam will be 25yrs old next month.
Sam isn't doing so well this morning....
and here's a pic for ya'll to take a shot at with your 1337 macro skills cause mine SUCK!

Sam is off to the vet in about 1/2 hour - his eyes are badly ulcerated and he may lose his sight completely.
He's an amazing ole man and we love him very much...
Macro On Gang...and send positive thoughts this way please. They're very much appreciated

As of this morning, Sam's right eye is officially ruptured. He has little or no vision left in that eye but it is reacting to light and they say he can see shadows.
His left eye is in bad condition and the next week of MAJOR intervention will determine whether or not that eye makes it. It's up to the drugs he's on now, and our administration of those drugs if they're going to work...
He essentially has Eye Herpes *shudder* its a common problem in cats and apparently most of them have it - just not the flair ups like what we have here. I was told that we've done everything right as far as his treatment and at his age the fact that he has ANYTHING left says a lot for himself.
He is NOT amused.
his regiment right now is:
Vigamox Rx drops - every 2 hours around the clock *no sleeping for me!*
Atrop Rx Gel, NaCl oint & Terramycin oint - 1/4 inch each both eyes, 3 times a day
Idoxuridine - 1 drop both eyes, 3 times a day
He goes back to see the Dr next Saturday to check progress. He's also getting Lysine in his food as much as we can get him to eat.

So far it's not a question of what to do to Sam, it's a question of what to do FOR Sam. Euthenasia wasn't even a thought at the back of anyone's mind, the cat's blood work came back better than a lot of 10 yr old cats do....the Dr is very impressed with the overall health of Samwells.
I will not post pics of him at this stage - he looks really bad =( He's eating like a horse (the ONLY way to get him to sit for the 5 minutes we're suppose to wait between drops and ointment applications - he's eating albacore tuna atm...spoiled beastie!)
Thank you all for your well wishes and good vibes - keep em coming! He may not be able to see by the time we're done with all this but he should be able to continue living a long long time according to his work-ups so far!
*huge hugs*
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