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Mostly blanks

I have one of the guy in my icon, his future wife, one of the guy in the macro below two years older, and more. All cats I worked with at the fair this year. I'd love to see some macros with these guys.
big cat,w other animals
And this guy, one year older.
w other animals,big cat

The serval from my icon:
Cheetah with his toy tiger

A not good picture of the cougar from the first macro, two years later.
Fenix two years older

A tolerable picture of the bengal from the second macro and the white tigress Gaby the flabby (people kept asking if she was pregnant.)
Gaby and Irvine splat

Indira, one month old.
Indira and mommy's bum

Sorry about poor quality of this one. Normally wouldn't post fuzzy pic but rare to see Indira walking.
Indira gets a bath

The cougar is Fenix again. The black and spotted leopards are Sable and Checkers (sisters.)
Checkers Fenix and Sable

Rosie, I don't know how many months old baby serval. I never got to touch her because she was a vicious, biting beyotch most of the time.
Rosie the baby serval

For you Miami Vice shippers, Crocket and Tubbs. Tubbs is on top.
Crocket and Tubbs do buttsecks
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