polylizzy (polylizzy) wrote in cat_macros,


This might be an old pic, but I offer it with a short story about my cat.

This is about what I came home too yesterday after my annual run of "Black Friday Craziness".

Walk in door, see green stuff all over kitchen floor, see 1 orange tiger kitty purring loud enough for the neighbors to hear, laying belly up in the middle of it.

It took him 4 hours to come out of his haze, he is STILL purring continuously and wandering around the house looking hungover.

Seems he found a brand new packet of catnip flakes in one of the last boxes from my recent move, we still haven't found the packet, herb ID was made by smell lol.

I have never seen a cat try to OD on the nip before, It falls well within the "hilarious" category. THEN I found out that the camera I NEEDED yesterday, I will be getting as a Birthday gift on Monday *sigh*
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