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Choji update

It is with tears in my eyes that write this post. Choji, our 3 1/2 year old tuxedo that we posted about last week, had Ceiling Cat take him across the Rainbow Bridge last night.

He went peacefully, at home, in my daughter's room. He was a wonderful, full of life cat. Always there with a very loud purr, under your feet, perched at a window wondering what was going on out there or on his spot on top of the couch watching TV or just sleeping.

Please take in consideration more pics of him & his furry family for macros at this time. He is survived by his mother, Hinata, sister Ino & brother from another mother, Bob Marley(the ginger in the photos)

He always knew when I was looking at c_s or cheezeburger, since we would be on top of the desk, laying in front of the keyboard(see attaced pic), wondering why I was looking other cats, and not him!

Thanks in advance for all the kind words and soon to be wonderful macros

Hmm, what does this do??

That's Choji up top, Marley on the right & his sister Ino on the left.

That's him, his mother Hinata & Ino looking after one of my friends after a long day!

I believe that you should be looking at me, Missy!

He was my bathroom buddy, always comming in with me 1st thing in the morning!! He wanted to get in the tub & play with the water when I turned on the faucet.

Getting ready to fire those lahzors at the evil water!!
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